About Me/Start here…

I’m Pat Rainville…

I help to connect people with solutions & practices that help them manage or reduce their stress.

Welcome to Relax Life Coaching…

I am a coach, reiki master, intuitive, former massage therapist, part time banker, mother of 2 human children and 1 feline…for 10 – 20 years.  (for a more formal listing/resume of my educational certifications see below, verification is important!)

I am big fan of self help and have also found that relaxing and learning how to relax is major part of any healing process.  Stress is a huge contributor to any ailment or illness and is often the sole cause of them.

Healing from loss, illness, life’s challenges and betrayals.

I could call myself a self care specialist…which would be a totally made up title as there is no such thing…

And yet when people come to me for help, that is often what they most need and is a big part of the healing process also.


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