Announcing: Spiritual Development Mentoring Group Beginning in March!

We are all in a some kind of process of personal and/or spiritual growth and development.

Some of you out there are awakening to our intuitive abilities  – you sense, feel and see things.  You may be having or starting to explore psychic experiences, connections with the deceased etc.  But not sure what to do with that, how to handle it or manage it.

You’re  in a time of spiritual awakening and could use a teacher, mentor and guide.

That is what this group is for.

Beginning in March, we will meet on Sundays from 7 -8 pm online.  When you sign up, I  will send you a link to a zoom meeting site.  We will meet 3 Sundays a month.  They fee is just $25 a month.

I have been doing spiritual, intuitive work in small intimate groups for over 10 years.  It allows a safe space to talk about what you’ve been experiencing and to get help in understanding our natural intuitive abilities and how to work with them.

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