Peace Can Happen! Developing A Sense of Peace in Difficult Times

As a spiritually based life coach, it’s really important to me as it is to all of us to have a sense of peace – especially during troubling times.

In times when the world seems to be going crazy it can make us nervous tense and afraid  – especially if we watch too much media…and also in our personal life when disruption is happening..a troubling event, a stupid mistake, the breakup of a relationship, sudden loss of a loved one…you name it.

It can steal our ability to focus and take care of ourselves.

First we have to understand that our personal peace is not dictated by the circumstances around us.

Peace must be cultivated and developed from within.  You have to choose to focus on it with conscious effort.  Peace already exists within the essential nature of our Soul.

Even with all the spiritual and healing techniques I know, I still have times where I feel panicked and afraid with a awful sense of unease.

At those times it is so difficult to concentrate or focus and you just feel like your wandering around in circles, you forget things, you keep losing things etc.

First,  stop and take some time to breathe.  Give yourself a time out.  It is important to carve out a time for just stillness and quietness of mind.

It is a great daily practice to carve out 15 – 30 minutes to sit in quiet stillness, to let go of all cares and concerns, leave aside all thoughts of the world and allow yourself to feel, experience and acknowledge the peace that is already there inside of you.  Either first thing in the morning or at the end of your day when you are through with your duties and responsibilities.   Use your breath, slow deep breathing as the means to connect with the center of your being which is calmness.

It can be helpful to use a mantra  – a phrase repeated with deep concentration while in that quiet state…like Peace fills my body, Peace fills my heart and dwells within me.  I am relaxed, I am calm.

Second, shut off or reduce the amount of media that your watching.  Our society is overwhelmed with media.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with keeping ourselves informed, we don’t have to allow ourselves to be inundated.

Third, for those times when emotions are intense or despite your best efforts your thoughts keep wandering and rehashing the days events etc.  I use a technique called “tapping” also known as EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  It is a simple technique that uses your fingers to lightly tap on acupuncture points around the face while repeating certain words or phrases.  But it has been proven to be immensely helpful in reducing the intensity of emotions, pain and stress.

I came across tapping a few years ago and it helped me immensely at a time when I had a lot of old anger coming to the surface.  I used tapping regularly every day and it significantly diminished the anger I was feeling and I experienced longer and longer periods where I felt peaceful and happy.  For more information and to learn the basics of tapping (which is very easy and doesn’t cost anything) go to

Peace is part of the essential nature of our Soul, it is part of a sacred inner environment that we all have.  So when the world outside of seems crazy, chaotic and unbelievable we can retreat to the stillness and calmness within.  The more we cultivate that, the more we radiate it out into the world and we also attract more peaceful situations and relationships into our lives.

Peace and blessings to you.




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