Archangel Raguel “Friend of God”

Known as the “Archangel of Justice and Fairness” as he helps resolve arguments and conflicts and can be called upon for the mediation of disputes.

He is the Overseer of all the other angels and archangels and ensures that all work together in an orderly and harmonious way according to the Divine Will of God.  He brings order and harmony to groups and families.

Known to be a “champion of underdogs”, an angel who is empowering and defending of the unfairly treated.

While loving and gently he can also give you a boost of energy when needed.

Understanding the workings of Divine Order…what situations or experiences area a result of limited thinking or beliefs or emotions on our part…and what is in Divine Order of certain pieces coming together at certain times.

”Pave the way to your freedom.  Harshness need not be tolerated.  Orchestration is the harmony of many instruments at once.  You are the instrument of the Divine, my work is simply to keep you tuned and working with the flow.”

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