The Simon Updates…

July 4th, 2019

Disclaimer:  The date posted is the date the information came through.  All channeled information is generally true at the time it is given…but it does have a margin of error as it cannot account for people’s free will choices.  No psychic/intuitive or channeled is a 100% accurate.

This content is edited for grammar, syntax and to remove any personal information related to or specific to me.  Otherwise it is “as is” from Simon, my guide.


Your holiday has been greeted with disruptive events!

You know they (the earthquakes in CA) are not over. Mid to Upper CA may also get a significant size EQ. In the same fault line. What has held up and what has seemed stuck for so long is releasing.  Oregon will get hit again. It will get hit closer to the fault line, but there will be more casualties with the one coming north of the one today. Much more extensive damage. So yes it will radiate in its way across the country to the east.  And we would say to you that this Bay Area (in CA) is already in many ways on alert and in preparation just in case.

Most of the reporting of the President’s 4th of July event will be about the protests that took place. More voice, more coverage will be given to that.

We find that CA will be a bit of a danger zone again. It hasnt fully recovered from its fires or its mudslides but it will now have this to contend with.  

So we find that the President’s taxes will be revealed and found that they have been falsified in some way and it will be publicized.

We do find that Ms Pelosi will announce that they will begin an impeachment process.  She knows it wont take place. Its just a formality, she knows that there are other things that will take him down. So she will start the proceedings citing enough evidence build-up or somethingHe will of course lash out on Twitter. But there is also as you have surmised a great deal of background talk of invoking the 25th amendment.

Muellers testimony will be quite potent. What he seemed to neglect to do in his position with the Dept of Justice where he took a neutral position prior to his leaving, with regard to not pressing charges on a sitting president. Now that those chains are removed, so to speak, he will not be so inclined to be a neutral party. He may make recommendations but he does not have the authority to do so, but he will be very forthcoming with Congress but we find Pelosi may start the proceedings before his testimony.

Shes (Nancy Pelosi) been a bit silent for awhile but she will be back out in the spotlight again. She may have an appearance with the Justin Hamash, man who left GOP to become Independent.

We would say to you both that in your country this is a month of great disruption and drama. Of SHIT happening, turbulence. Things are being shaken up literally and figuretively. There is going to be more significant volcano blasts. 

RE: Pences flight being turned around: We find there might have been a bit of a regime change in a country of concern the US has had dealings with that was not in the public eye. There were concerns around it. They needed him there to be a bit more of a grounding force. MR Pence doesnt get so hot under the collar and is more inclined to listen to the generals.  We do not find that their primary concern is alleviating unnecessary actions that would cause this country more harm than good.

Kim Jong (of N Korea) may have made a snide and insulting comment about the parade. Making fun of the president and his attempt at a military show.  He (Trump) will take it very personally.”

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