Fun Things to Do With the Energies of Mercury Retrograde…


If you watched today’s video reading you know the first card for this week was The Angel of Relaxation.  Relax, let go of desired outcomes and all will fall into place.

As a life coach who focuses on the importance of “relaxing” for improving our lives, letting go of stress and tension around something, an issue or a relationship helps us to enjoy our day and our life more because we can be more present.

Other fun energies to work with…

Re-Decorate – put on a new coat of paint, some new pictures, re-arrange furniture.  Look into some fung shui for the room to improve the way energies move through it.

Re-Organize –  a closet, a room in your home, your desk or files.

Have a Re-Union… family, friends, an organzation, a club…what have you.

In the interest of relaxing, take some time to Re-Flect on your feelings, choices you’ve made, outcomes, where you are at in life now.  Try to see what awareness come to you as a result of being in the quiet of your own mind and heart without any judgements.

Engage in pleasures or activities that re-vive your spirit, that help you to feel revitalized and nourished.

I am sure you have notice a trend here of the prefix “RE”.

Mercury is the planet – astrologically – that oversees communications, electronic devices etc.   So, generally speaking it’s not a good time to go buying those devices, or to sign contracts.  It’s know to be a time where electronic devices and programs, computers etc have breakdowns, do things more than once, or do things where we don’t understand why it happened.  It makes them behave a bit wonky.

I personally have found scheduling things a bit difficult.  If I scheduled something before Mercury went retrograde it will stick, but if I scheduled it while Mercury is in retrograde it either gets rescheduled numerous times or never quite comes together.

It can be frustrating…you may have to re-send emails, or re-sign a contract or review the numbers you just went over and thought were right but they’re not.

So if you find yourself frustrated and stressed, relax.  Sometimes these delays or re-routings – (that’s another one, you can encounter a lot of traffic re-routing) – really do work to our benefit.  It can be a blessing in disguise.

Yours in peace and RELAXATION my friends.



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