The Power of Gathering

Everyone eventually knows or realizes that there is power in numbers…many business know it’s a numbers game…the more people you ask or present your offer to, the more people will likely say yes and you get more sales.
Governments and big corporations know this too and often use mass media to instill or propagate fear in the masses to get us to “buy into” the need for the next war, or the idea that “GMO’s” are somehow ok and we don’t need to label them or the next product or service that will make them millions.
But we also have the power of our numbers working for us…with Consciousness movements like the one going on now, we know that the collective efforts of large numbers of people focused on peace and healing can reduce, negate and nullify acts of violence and/or aggression.

It has been demonstrated though not publicly marketed that when large groups of people across the globe gather, meditate together and focus our intentions on peace and healing for the earth and its people…there are measureable reductions in acts of violence.

One such event is coming up this July 11th.  The Global Meditation for Compassion led by Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center.  Click here to learn more.

There is power in gathering…the time is NOW, to marshall our own efforts, to collectively use our forces for good, for peace and sustainable living.

Margaret Mead was known for having said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

In the late 1990’s Jean Shinoda Bolen wrote a book called The Millionth Circle – based on the theory of the 100th monkey – which holds that when a critical mass or number of people change their behavior the culture or species at large will change.  The 100th money is the one that tips the scales.  In Ms. Bolen’s book and the subsequent movement known as The Millionth Circle Initiative – “the millionth circle” is the one that tips the scales and shifts planetary consciousness”.  Although the book was originally written and published over a decade ago, the time is still NOW to gather our forces and our collective intentions to focus on peace and healing.  It takes our collective consistent effort.

For many years now I have run a small monthly meditation group called Circle of Angels where we do a group meditation for clearing, healing and peace.  The power of gathering works whether it is in smaller more localized groups or larger scale global meditations, peace rallys etc.

Find, join or start your own local circle…

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